maaxTV FAQ's regarding functions, requirements and use of the maaxTV Devices

I have installed some apps but they don't work?

All the apps inside the maaxTV device are Android apps and many of them require the use of a human interface device(mouse) to navigate through the functions of the app. You may use any USB mouse and plug into USB 2 or 3 on the left side of the device.

Can I install apps into the maaxTV device?

Yes, in the apps section we have our own market place where you can install any of the many available apps, keep in mind that you can not install too many due to the limited storage available inside the maaxTv device.

What operating system the maaxTV uses?

The maaxTV uses our own developed Android operating system.

What is the warranty for the maaxTV device?

The maaxTV device comes with one year hardware manufacturer warranty, this warranty covers the actual device from any defects for one year from time of purchase. This warranty does not cover and damage caused by the end user.The remote and accessories that come with the device are covered for 30 days from the time of purchase. There is no warranty on the channels

What channels do you provide on the maaxTV device?

We offer Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish and many more, we offer many channels in each of the categories but not all channels, there are some channels restricted in some areas.The channels we provide come in 3 formats, Live, +7 and +12, this is very useful for time zone situations where you are able to see the same content in different times.

Do I have to pay any monthly susbscriptions?

No, maaxTV comes with 3 years included with no monthly payments, after 3 years a renewal fee will be required to continue using the maaxTV device.

Is there any guarantee on the channels?

No, there is absolutly no guarantee on any channel on maaxTV devices, we will provide the channels as long as they are available to us, some content may not be available in some areas.

What internet speed do I need to have to use maaxTV?

We recommend a minimum of 10mbps download speed if you are going to use a wired connection and 15mbps download speed if you are going to use WI-FI, the higher the speed the better and a wired connection is always recommended.

How do I reset the maaxTV LN5000HD?

To reset the maaxTV LN5000HD device, please do the following:

1-Unplug the power from the back of the device.
2-Using a paper clip or something similar, push and hold the reset button on the back of the device, (Don't push too hard the reset button will break, if it breaks it WILL NOT BE COVERED UNDER WARRANTY, just be careful).
3-Plug the power back while still holding the reset button and wait until you see the recovery menu with some small options in the top left corner of the screen.
4-Let go of the reset button.
5-Scroll down to the line that says wipe data/factory reset and press OK.(Line 6)
6-Scroll down where it says delete all user data and press OK and wait for it to finish.
7- Press OK on reboot system now. first line.

The device will reboot and will be at factory condition. If you are using WI-FI, you will need to setup your WI-FI connection and enter your password.